This is one of those times I have too many updates and am unsure of where to begin… I guess rambling will do.

Family: I am officially due with baby #3 (#4 for Dh) in 9 days. The thought of caring for 4 children at times scares the ever loving crap out of me. I will have a newborn, a 22-month-old, an almost 4-year-old, and my SS will turn 8 this summer! Some days, I think I’m insane. Oh, and I’m having a little girl! Three boys and one girl… She’s either going to be the girliest girl girl with three very boy boys or a total tom-boy. Time will tell!

Marriage: Totally rocking. I feel like DH and I have really hit a stride with each other. Everything with us just clicks from intimacy to conversation to laughing with each other. There is never a dull moment. We’ve had such amazing amounts of crap thrown at us, yet we have weathered every bit of it coming out not “no worse for wear,” but better, stronger, and closer. I beam when people tell us our marriage is an inspiration to them.

Husband: He’s amazing. I look at where he was in 2006 (a complete and total shell of a man) to where he is today and I just shake my head. With raw honesty, authenticity, and humility, he’s gone from being a broken person to leading a group of men at our church, nominated for deacon, and someone people look up to and know they can depend on. He does all of this with unwavering dedication to always being himself and always being a man. That kind of “realness” is rare and I appreciate so much having a husband like this. Believe me though, he is not for the faint of heart. He challenges me in ways I can’t even articulate.

Me: I’m a mixed bag. I feel closer to myself (I know that’s an odd statement) yet still battling some old demons. Things with my family at large are not good. Things with my husband’s family at large is not good. Despite all I feel I’ve grown into and forgiven within myself, there are always those that don’t want to let you move on. The dynamics around me are very interesting. I also took a job as a preschool director. I manage an 8-person staff of WOMEN. Wow, that’s something I never thought I’d do. It has been a learning experience, that’s for sure. Each woman I lead is as unique as every color in the rainbow.

All of this is rather vague and I’ll try to be more specific in later posts, but those are just a few updates. I’m excited and terrified of my life at the moment.


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