A Moment of Joy

I’ve never really heard my husband sing. Sure, I’ve heard him wail AC/DC singer style or be silly and do a lounge voice, but that’s not really hearing someone sing. For 4-years, that’s been a bit frustrating. I mean, I’m a singer. I love to hear people’s voices. It is one of my ways of communing with people and getting to know them. Singing is part of my soul. I always felt like not singing with him, be it only during a hymn on Sunday, was missing a major connecting point for me with him. I appreciated him at least standing up with me and holding the hymnal. I appreciated his graduation to occasionally mouthing the words or whispering along.

I told him a few weeks ago that I really wanted to hear him sing sometime. (I had been saying this for several years now, but said it again anyway.) I told him that I could tell he had a decent voice even from him joking around pretending to sing like other people. Maybe that’s all he needed to hear. Affirmation.

Because today…he sang. Really sang. I could actually hear HIM. He sang a hymn with me. Next to hearing my children’s screaming cry when they were first born, I’ve never heard a more beautiful sound. I couldn’t help the little tears that welled up that I quickly brushed away before anyone else saw. Now, in the comfort of my own home while I sit here alone and think about it, I’m allowing tears to freely flow and I thank God for giving me this desperately needed little moment of happiness.

I have to think that if God can open up the voice of a man who has never sincerely sang in 37 years, He can do just about anything.


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