My husband has been reading on a marriage forum a lot. We’ll lay there in bed reading posts to each other. Some of them are truly awful. Some we relate to from our previous marriages. It has sparked a lot of good conversation, soul-searching, understanding, and moving forward. Five years later, we still seek to truly get what happened previously and what part we played.

Hubby has always been pretty good at affirming me as a wife, mom, and stepmom. He has really stepped that up. Months ago, I mentioned doing “The Love Dare” to him. He rolled his eyes and almost defensively asked if I thought there were problems, was I unhappy, etc… No, but things can always be better, in my opinion.

He brought it up saying, while we have a great marriage (and we do), making it even better while it is good should be a priority. I think too many marriages get too far into crisis mode and then things like “The Love Dare” become trite-seeming. A last ditch. A lame attempt.

I can say from personal experience that after I left my first husband, his cards, poems, flowers, etc… seemed absolutely MEANINGLESS to me. He never did those things under normal circumstances. I wasn’t worthy of it in day-to-day living. It was all superficial at that point.

So we’re going to do “The Love Dare” and taking a great marriage to new heights. I find myself falling in love with him more and more. I love him more today than I did yesterday, last month, a year ago and even when we got married. In church on Sunday, he was an usher and as he walked up the aisle, I found myself staring at his butt in his dress pants and barely being able to stand the thought of having to wait all day to get my hands on him.

Four years, two kids, a move, a nightmare ex-wife, and all of the other changes…that’s a good thing:-)


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