Stuff I’ve Done

My husband was laughing at me one day because, yet again, he brought something up, and, yet again, I had done it at some point in my life. He finally asked me for an exhaustive list of all of the activities I’ve been involved in and random things I’ve studied in depth in a formal setting. So I made up the list. I guess this is, in a lot of ways,  a yay me list. Oh well. I have done a lot and I’ve been good at a lot. I’m not going to pretend otherwise.

Physical Activities:
Ballet – 3 years
Tap – 3 years
Gymnastics – 2 years (My mom made quit this bc it made her freak out)
Figure Skating – 2 years
Horseback Riding – 1 year
Basketball – 4 years
Volleyball – 2 years
Tennis – 6 years
Track – 4 years
Swimming – since I was 3 years old
Karate – 3 years
Yoga – 4 years
Pilates – 1 year
Swing Dance – 4 years
Ballroom Dance – 2 years
Latin Dance (No formal training)

Suzuki violin – 2 years
French horn – 3 years
Piano – 9 years
Voice training – 7 years
Show Choir – 4 years
Jazz Choir – 3 years
Chamber choirs – Lots of years
Choirs in general – Elementary school on through college
Participation in dozens of musicals/music programs
Music Theory

Fine arts/languages:
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Needlepoint (yes, I actually took a class in this)
Japanese – this was a whole cultural immersion class

Peer mentoring
Conflict Resolution Management
Peer Mediating
School Ambassador (College)
Scholarship evaluator (College)
Traveled 8 countries in Europe (With college choir)

Major honors:
Citizen of the Year
Duke Talent Identification Program (Math and English)
National Honor Society
High School Letters in Academics, Sports, and Fine Arts
Dean’s List

This doesn’t even get into the minor awards, competitions won, special classes, extended learning, mission trips, blah, blah, blah I’ve received and participated in over the years. I feel honored to have done so much. I didn’t even realize how much it was until I listed it all out. I even feel like I’ve forgotten a few things here and there. Of course this stuff is scattered throughout my whole life. I never felt like I was in too many activities. I just did my thing.

Looking back on all of this, sometimes I feel like I should be doing more with my life. I’ve always been so highly motivated and achieving. I can’t help but feel like my life is a little, what’s a good word, dull? right now.  It really isn’t THAT dull. I have two, sometimes three, children keeping me busy every waking second of the day. I have activities and fellowship with other people. Still…

I think I just need to get to a place of acceptance with the present. Embrace it. Look back on this list and the things I’ve accomplished and be grateful for it and allow it to direct how I look at life, relate to others, and bring up my children. I can only hope to give them as rich of a life as my parents tried to give me.


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