Personal Inventory Exercise

I’ve seen the following format used in company performance reviews, but an old pastor of mine posted this in his notes as something to think about for the new year. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions persay. It seems like a recipe for setting yourself up to fail. However, this caught my attention as a way to look at your personal life and do some inventory.

The purpose is to complete the following statements:

STOP doing…

START doing…



Hmm, lots to think of there. In fact, I don’t have easy answers to any of them. Something else I do believe in doing is asking people in your life for feedback. I’ll periodically ask how I come across. Sometimes, when we think we are coming across a particular way, the person on the receiving end is getting a completely different message. I think it always good to have a true and honest view of yourself. The only way that happens is to really listen to how you are perceived by others. This isn’t saying to overly care about what others THINK of you, but I do believe there is value to understanding how others perceive you.

The one person whose opinion I most care about is that of my husband’s. We are constantly giving each other feedback about each other. Sometimes some of the things he has to say has stung a little. I know some of the things I’ve given him criticism over has hurt as well. However, if you can truly listen to what the other person is telling you and know they are giving it to you in love and if you can receive it with that same love, there is lots to be learned. I’m constantly amazed at how well he receives feedback and then changes his behavior if need be.

Anyway, I need to think about this. More on this later…


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