Too Much To Write About

The problem I have with blogs is that I can never type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. My curse in life is that I think too much, and analyze too much. I have this insatiable thirst to understand everything. If I had been in the Garden of Eden instead of Eve, I likely would have caused the fall of humanity much faster. Tree of knowledge? Uh, yeah. J

How do I pick one topic per post? I can’t. Right now, at this very second that I’m typing, I have about 6 topics simultaneously racing through my head that I’m thinking about. What are they? Glad you asked…

1) How on earth did humanity grow from just two people? Did God create others than Adam and Eve? The Bible eludes to “other lands” when Cain is sent to wander the earth.

2) The curious case of grown up adopted children and the effects of unknown trauma (aka The Primal Wound)

3) My husband at home. I miss him.

4) The book/Bible study for moms I’m going to be leading.

5) The concept of Biblical submission

6) Why can’t I seem to get my ex-husband to help me with a favor that would help us both move on.?

7) Ex-spouses in general

8 ) Residual energy in inanimate objects (I was in an antique store earlier today.)

9) The Beautitudes in Matthew and what lovely verses they are.

Ok, so that’s 9, but that’s a sampling of the topics my mind is jumping around thinking about right now. How on earth do I even begin exploring any one of those topics? The coziest thought I have right now is thinking about my husband and missing him so I’ll write about that. Yes, I find comfort in missing him and him missing me. While I certainly am enjoying the time away and small breaks my parents provide me from my children, I genuinely miss my husband and all of the chaos that comes with our family being together. I miss cuddling at night and how his very long body envelopes my very short body. It is my favorite place to be.

So now I say goodnight and go back to ruminating on the remaining 8 items on my list.

PS. I have 4 other windows open and I’m jumping back and forth to writing about several other topics while I finish this post. This is seriously pathetic. Do they have support groups for people with constantly racing thoughts?


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