Blogs, Projects, and Organization

Fitting that I should start my new blog with a thing that I both love and loathe…PROJECTS! I am the absolute queen of having a million great ideas for things and rarely following through. The fundamental problem is that I simply exasperate myself. Its the vicious perfectionist side of me. Why continue doing something if its not perfect or exactly the way I envision. So rarely is anything exactly as I envision, so I then wallow in frustration and the refusal to put a finishing stamp on anything.

Just as an example, I think this is the 6th blog I’ve started? I think my problem before is that I was too specific. Two of the blogs were for specific times in my life. One was when I was facing illness and possibly death from an eating disorder and realizing that my first husband was not going to be my forever. That blog just ran its course. The next one sort of a continuation of that one, but it combined more elements of such topics as step-parenting. That one died. Then there was the stepmom blog. But I’m so much more than just a stepmom I argued. I also started a blog about moms of toddlers. Then I became a mom for the second time. Then that segmented too much from my stepmom blog and then I was faced with the dilemma of, do I reference being a stepmom on my toddler mom blog and vice versa? Do I want to face that my readers of one blog might cross-section with my other blog? Then there was our safe little family blog that was abandoned, and on and on… You get the point. I decided to scrap all of them and have one big blog that touches on all the little facets of my life, hence my new hopeful start for blog #6.

This doesn’t even delve into my notebooks and binders. I’m a binder junkie. I have a binder for everything. Its my way of organizing my life by category and then sometimes by date and sub-categories. My head runs like this as well. I have a binder for all insurance information, claims, etc… I have a health binder that’s sub-categorized by household member and then type of healthcare. Then there’s my “Life” binder that has such misc things like restaurant menus, kid-friendly eating establishments and their kids eat free schedules, activity ideas, and other regional interests. I have another binder for all of our legal stuff, home and car, plans, etc… It seems ridiculous, but I can always find things. Now I just need to catch up on filing…

Notebooks are funny little creatures, and yes I call them creatures, because they take on a life of their own. I just started a new one full of randomness. I’m sure a lot of what I put in there will make its way to my blog. I carry my notebook around and write down things that I observe, my random thoughtlets, nuggets of advice, drawings, quotes, song lyrics, a book a friend mentions, etc… I can’t possibly drag around a computer everywhere so I carry my notebook.

Now I’m starting to sound like I’m actually more organized and on top of things than I am, though. Back to projects. Scrapbooks. HAHAHA! I have like 5 unfinished ones. I resolved to have one for each of my kid’s first year. You’d think with just the addition of one child that I could have gotten it together for child #1. Nope, it sits there with the pictures in it, but nothing glued or pulled together. And that’s another problem altogether. PICTURES! Everything is digital. I never print off pictures anymore. All of the pictures I have for scrapbooks are the ones my parents have printed out and given to me. (Must resolve to put together a CD to get pictures printed.)

Anyway, my baby is fussing. My toddler is sleeping and the baby is up. I’ve been able to distract him with a ball, having tummy time and making faces at him as I type, but he has officially had it. Of course I can rarely get the two to nap at the same time. So I must end this first post.


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